Global Talent Stream – A Primer

Global Talent Stream (GST) is among those streams of Canada s temporary foreign worker program (TFP). It is also a pilot program which has been designed to assist Canadian employers and businesses in hiring foreign professionals with the goal of enhancing innovation, to provide them with cost-effective solution and to keep the best skilled workers in their companies. In this stream of the program, foreign professionals who have high potentials to contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy undergo a customized recruiting process which takes place in various locations across Canada. The main aim of the program is to bring together these talented people from different countries of the world under one roof and create dynamic work culture. The skilled professionals are trained in computer science, management, engineering, economics and other related skills.

Find Out How I Cured My Global Talent Stream Canada

To attract global stream | Vanhack and to keep abreast of technological changes and developments, many temporary foreign workers have been brought into Canada under the Program for Skilled Trades. This stream of the program was one of the first temporary worker programs implemented in Canada and was one of the main reasons why it had remarkable success and is still being used by Canadian employers as an effective way of increasing the productivity of their firms. The program also offers an opportunity to Canadian employers to reduce the costs of hiring permanent workers by investing in the development of new technologies. Though Canada is mandatory benefit for the workers is the right to work in Canada, some employers have found the benefits provided by the program as a useful addition to their business.

Global Talent Stream can be divided into three main categories based on the occupation of the foreign worker. These categories are: categories a b and c. Classes a b and c include information technology, plumbing, building maintenance, electrical and car mechanic and many more. The program has been a great help to Canadian employers to exploit the hidden talent in the global market. With globalization becoming an increasing factor in the business world, the role of Canada and its economy in the global market has also increased and now they are lagging behind other economies. The increased global demand for highly-skilled trades will only strengthen the role of Canadian employers in the global trade.

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