Design Drafting – New Technology for Interior Designers

The Design Drafting Technology course prepares students for rewarding employment as entry level drafters in an ever-expanding technology society. The curriculum is specifically designed to give students the technical skill set required to progress from interns to full-time professional drafters. Students gain insight into how to use technology to improve functionality and reduce cost while meeting client expectations. Design drafting is a dynamic profession that combines technical know-how with creative thinking to create products and solutions that meet clients’ needs.

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In New South Wales, design drafting is an essential service provided by drafters and product designers. Over the past few decades, the demand for design drafting services has grown dramatically. Companies in New South Wales are placing more emphasis on quality design drafting services than ever before. It is becoming an important industry sub-specialization and many companies rely on drafters to help them create new product designs and conduct quality control and meetings on architectural design, building analysis, floor plans and many more. Skilled drafters use their skill and experience to develop unique design solutions to meet the needs of corporate clients and meet budget requirements. Design drafting engineers are also responsible for creating technical drawings, engineering drawings, environmental reports, technical transfer sheets, and MCDs, and developing methodologies for design engineering.

Design drafting is the process used to generate comprehensive technical drawings and blueprints. Designing Drafting Professionals (DDP) are highly skilled drafters who can produce quality engineering drawings, architectural plans, floor plans and other engineering technical drawings that are critical in the design and development of new building or infrastructure projects. DDPs can be used for everything from residential house plans, commercial building design, infrastructure design and technical drawings for manufacturing plants and factories. There is a significant shortage of qualified and experienced DDPs in the United States, which is why it is becoming so very popular worldwide.

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