Company Registration: Procedure and Regulations

The registration process has many phases. The first step is to get the application approved by the local authorities. If the local authorities do not approve the registration process, the next step is to get the application rejected by the national authorities. If this happens, the company can either renew the request or go for the process of registering under the National Company Register. Resource –

Company Registration | Procedure and Documents required for Company Incorporation

After the application is accepted, the company is registered under the National Registered Office of the company. This office will publish the name of the registered company at the Central Bureau of Companies of the Government of Karnataka. Once registered under this office, the company can take the benefit of all the privileges and benefits that are provided by the Karnataka Companies Act. The company also needs to submit an annual report to the Central Board of Company Affairs. (BCA) for tax return.

Company registration also includes other services like issuing of Company seal, printing Company logo, business cards and company emblem etc. Companies registered under the Karnataka Companies Act can also provide the list of directors and authorized officers. These officers can be asked to attend Board of Directors meetings etc.

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