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The Benefits of Fitness Watch

A fitness watch, also called a personal activity monitor, is an electronic device or software for tracking and recording physical activity-related data including time, distance walked or ran, calories burned, and at times heart rate. It’s a kind of portable, pocket-sized personal computer that can be worn on your wrist or ankle. It has an integrated display screen and displays a range of health information including the time and distance, the number of repetitions done, and how many calories you have burned. Some watches even have an alarm to alert you when you reach a particular target goal, like reaching one hour of moderate exercise or thirty minutes of vigorous exercise daily.

fitness watch

The Benefits of Fitness Watch

There are many different types of fitness watches. The most common and popular of these is the Fitbit, which was named after a company called Fitbit. Fitbit uses an optical heart rate monitor, or optical heart rate sensor. This sensor uses the infrared light from your eyes to determine the intensity of your physical activity. There are three major models of the Fitbit, each of which is able to track more information than the other two versions combined. The highest model is the most expensive of the three, which is the Aura model.

While the Fitbit is the most popular fitness watch on the market today, there are many other options out there as well. Garmin is one of the leading companies in the fitness watch market. They manufacture all kinds of watches, including an exercise bike and a stair climber. The watch you get with this brand usually comes with an LCD screen. The features on this watch range from calorie counting, to step counting, to heart rate monitoring.