Car Stereo And Security System Are No Match For Custom Car Stereo

After working as a jewelry designer for many years in Arizona, Mark W. had time to pursue his passion and business in the fast-paced world of custom car stereo. Giving his ownership of this popular jewelry store to his older brother, Marks stepped up to his new position as owner of Custom Car Stereo LLC in 2021. Although he is still very much in love with the automotive industry and is passionate about helping people get the best car audio and vehicle accessories they can afford, his primary motivation in starting a custom stereo shop came to be about giving his brother freedom and allowing him to pursue his own interests. Moving from Arizona to Spring Branch, Missouri presented some challenges to Marks as the family moved across the state. Although Arizona offers a wide variety of locations to choose from, both in terms of geographical proximity and population, moving made the drive too much for Marks to handle, and he needed a way to provide his brother with the support and help he needed to get started on his own.

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Car Stereo And Security System Are No Match For Custom Car Stereo

As soon as he got the new address in spring of this year, Marks began working on his new business while preparing his inventory. As with any new business venture, the first thing that needed to be decided was whether or not he wanted to open a brick-and-mortar shop or if he wanted to create a website and sell goods over the Internet. Both methods offer their own advantages, and only one has a leg up on the other in terms of potential success. As the family prepared for their move, Mark discovered that his love of custom car stereo and the custom car stereo design itch would be satisfied by starting a website that focused on these two important topics.


Although he started the website as an ecommerce site in order to allow for easy online sales and discounts to customers, he soon realized that it did not have the complete range of products that would meet his customer’s needs. Although he enjoys custom car stereo as well as a security system for his trucks, he realized that there were certain items that customers who want both would not be able to find through an Internet site. Because of this, he made the decision to create a store in his garage. Although thieves are still likely to try to break into his home in order to steal his stereo system and other items, the increased security will ensure that any crooks are turned away instead.

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